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Best Coolers for the Money


Ice coolers make the most important gadgets when heading to any number of summer activities. This makes it important to be sure to find the best coolers to fit your needs. The best coolers keep items cold and help keep you refreshed when you are exhausted after any outdoor activity. These coolers are available in different types, sizes, and prices. Not all expensive coolers are efficient in keeping your snacks ice cold. Conversely, there are many inexpensive coolers reasonably and highly efficient in cooling. But how do you choose the best cooler for your requirements? You can choose the best cooler for money by considering few features when shopping around for one. Before going shopping you should decide on what exactly you are looking in a cooler. Features that will help you find the best coolers are size, price and capacity.

Finding the Best Cooler

Deciding on a cooler size is of primary importance as it should fit in the space in your vehicle. Look for different types of coolers available that fit in the space available in your vehicle. If you are looking for heavy coolers for a trip then look for a cooler with wheels. Wheeled coolers will free from worries of lifting heavy-weight. Narrow coolers comfortably fit in the smaller spaces. Tall coolers help in keeping bottles upright and need the extra room. The kind of cooling you are looking for is another feature to consider. Coolers with thicker walls provide better insulation. They are also ideal for chilled beers and storing other stuff that needs ice cold temperatures.

Today market is flooded with the variety of coolers making the selection a daunting task. Finding the best cooler at a great price that perfectly suits your requirements can be tricky. Our step-by-step guidance helps you find right cooler for your next picnic. Below is the buying advice for you to buy best coolers at great prices.

The best coolers keep perishable food and drinks cold below the certain temperature for more than a day. Ice coolers are ideal for long journeys especially at a beach or places with the warm climate. The best ice coolers are handy where you need storage capacity for items for a longer period of time. There are many features, apart from price, that you need to evaluate to find the best cooler. These features include type, size, insulation, capacity, durability, and portability.

Type of coolers

Before deciding on a cooler size you need to consider various types of coolers available in the market. Many coolers come with foam insulation sandwiched between plastic shells where the lids attaches with the screws on hinges. This design indicates coolers that are inexpensive but known for high performance. These can be the economical choice for most people. These models can maintain the cooling for 5 days due to the structural integrity. There are also expensive high-end models known for their insulating capacity and durability. These high-end models are available in competitive designs for you to choose depending on your taste and requirements. There are also specialty coolers exclusively designed for keeping specific foods and beverages chilled below the certain temperature. Lastly, there are ice coolers that can work on electric charging mechanism. These are chargeable with cigarette lighters or by plugging into wall sockets for charging.

Cooler Size

When you decide on the type of cooler then the next thing consider is the cooler size. What you want to store should determine cooler size. However, the size affects portability and cooling performance to a great extent. The size range of 58-75 quarts is more popular. This size can meet the cool storage requirements of a family for multiple days. This range of coolers is easily movable from one place to another by two people when loaded in full.

Quarts is the unit of measure when referring to an ice cooler’s capacity. Smaller units generally come with 25 quart capacity. This is enough to carry drinks for few people or multiple items for a single person for an overnight picnic. Mid-Size Coolers typically have a capacity around 40 quart. This range helps store food for single person for multiple days or 2 days for couple. 70 quarts capacity unit is ideal for a family of four. This size is good enough for storing food and drinks for camping or family trips for multiple days. There are also extra-large coolers available on the market. These coolers are very large and used only for stationary purposes and are not very mobile.

External dimensions of a cooler are also a factor when it comes to size. The insulation and the kind of material used will increase the exterior cooler dimension. In other words, small coolers may take up more space than expected. It’s imperative to consider the cooler’s external size and space available in your vehicle to take an informed decision.

An ice cooler’s size effects the cooling to a great extent. Small coolers will not hold ice for a longer time when compared to larger ones. The coolers that are fully loaded will not lose any amount of cooling due to the absence of air spaces. Therefore, choose a size that will be fully loaded at the beginning of a trip.

Insulation Performance

The main purpose of a cooler is to keep things cool at or below a specific temperature. This makes the insulation performance a major feature to take under consideration. Although traditional models maintain cold temperatures for 5 days, there are superior models that can maintain the cold temperature for more than 5 days. Traditional models feature thin insulation material compressed between plastic sheets which can hold temperature up to 5 days. High-end models come with thick insulation. These superior models, however, are little pricey when compared to traditional models. A high-end model proves to be a worthwhile investment if your trips stretch beyond 5 days. High-end models are ideal for fishing and hunting trips when you want to store freshly caught fish. The traditional models hold ice below 40°F for 2 to 3 days. This makes them ideal for weekend trips. If you are planning a trip beyond 10 days then dry ice will stay cold for a longer time. However high-end models need no dry ice to maintain the cold temperature which saves you money. Frequent users of ice coolers benefit from high-end models and save money on ice in the long run.


Cooler durability depends on the amount of usage. For Frequent use, the best cooler would be a high-end model. These high end models are highly durable compared to traditional models. Traditional models can withstand occasional use that too in less demanding circumstances. These are less durable compared to high-end models. High-end models feature pin style hinges and advanced external latching mechanism. These features prevent loss of cooling. High end coolers also come with many other features. These include large handles, rubber seals, UV resistant body and screw drain plugs. It’s better to buy one high-end cooler than buying three to four low-end coolers. Regardless, always buy a cooler which comes with resistance certifications and complies with food storage regulations.


Portability is another important factor to consider when buying a cooler. A fully loaded unit will be the heaviest thing to move on the camping trips. Smaller coolers are easy to move from one place to another. If a small cooler is not an option then be sure to look for one with wheels.

When considering large models of 70 quarts or above, plan how you will be carrying it on your trip. Some of the best large coolers come with convenient features such as handles and wheels to increase the portability. The handles on either sides of the cooler make it easy for two people to carry. However, it’s not possible for a single person to carry a fully loaded cooler which is quite heavy.

Most traditional ice cooler models come with a set of handles easily used by a single person or two people. The best coolers with good to great storage capacity include wheels to increase the mobility. Cooler wheels result in increased mobility. Wheeled models include a handle on one end. The wheels will be on the opposite end. This allows for easy transport over flat areas. Heavy coolers with 70 quarts or more are not easily movable as they are quite heavy when fully loaded. Such heavy coolers should only be used on trips where not much of moving is required.

Additional Features

There are also small features of note that make the use of ice cooler a convenient one throughout your tour. Ease of use is another aspect that needs to consider when buying a cooler. The food and drinks stored should be accessed easily which depends on the opening and closing mechanism. The water from the melted ice should drain easily. With the best coolers draining should be an easy process, whereas with lessor coolers it can be messy. Models with higher draining holes require more manual effort than those models with lower draining holes. High-end models come with big sized holes at the bottom which drains the water in a flash.

Cleaning is another aspect that needs to consider when buying an ice cooler. Generally, white textured coolers are difficult to maintain and clean. Flush mounted drains are easy to clean and maintain as these kind do not trap dirt. Read the instructions carefully when using dry ice for coolers as it can sometimes damage the liner. The latches and lids of the best coolers are easy to operate. Ideally these latches can open by using a single hand.

Best Cooler for the money
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Best Cooler for the money
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