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Best Fishing Cooler for 2023: Top Five Picks

Fishing is an amazing sport, but you might get quite thirsty out there and you will need a way to keep cold beverages close at hand. Not to mention having place to store bait and all the fish you are sure to catch.  To maximize your time on the water, you need to find the best fishing cooler available. All of the nice-looking, functional marine coolers out there that can make your life easier.  Fishing coolers, as well as boat coolers, are typically smaller so the fit easily onto boats.  To make the most of your fishing trips, the right cooler is critical

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Igloo Marine Cooler

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Engel 19 QuartCooler Drybox

Stanley Adventure Cooler

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Coleman 100 Quart Xtreme 5 Cooler

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REYLEO Ice Chest Cooler

Do I need a fishing cooler

If you fish more than once a month, we would recommend you get a fishing cooler to have the best fishing trip possible.  You will undoubtedly need some type of cooler.  Wheeled coolers are too problematic to bring on a boat.  Soft sided coolers are not durable enough for fishing. Having a proper fishing cooler with you that you can use to measure and clean the fish can make your fishing trip more enjoyable.

There is a wide range of prices for Fishing coolers. The best fishing cooler can be more that $200.  These marine coolers are made to last and are some of the best coolers for the money.  These tend to have more capacity and allow for additional storage for bait and your catch, leading you to the best fishing experience.

Features of the best Marine Coolers

A marine cooler is essential for any angler. It is designed to keep your catch fresh and drinks cold. When it comes to choosing a fishing cooler, there are several important features to consider.

First and foremost, the size of the cooler is crucial. You'll want a cooler that is big enough to hold your catch, but not so big that it becomes cumbersome to carry around. The capacity of the cooler will depend on the size of your fishing party and the species you're targeting.

Another critical feature is insulation. A well-insulated cooler will keep your food and drinks cold even in hot weather conditions. Look for a cooler with thick walls, an airtight seal, and quality insulation materials like polyurethane foam.

Durability is important. Your fishing cooler will likely take a beating over time, so you'll want one that is built to last. Look for coolers made from tough materials like rotomolded plastic. This is resistant to impact, abrasion, and UV damage.

Portability is a factor to consider. A cooler that is easy to carry around can be a lifesaver when you're fishing from a boat. Look for coolers with comfortable handles, shoulder straps, and even wheels.

Finally, consider any additional features that might be useful for your fishing needs. Some coolers come with built-in fish rulers or cutting boards. Others have cup holders, bottle openers, or even Bluetooth speakers. Choosing the right combination of features will ensure that you have an enjoyable fishing trip.

What are the Best Fishing Coolers

What are the best coolers for fishing? You need to know what features are included with marine coolers. In this review, we will take a closer look and try to find the the best fishing cooler available to see what they offer.  Once you have found the one for you be sure to find the best ice packs next.

Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler


The Igloo marine ultra cooler is one of the best fishing coolers for sure.  First, we have a lightweight and well-designed marine cooler from Igloo. It is great as a replacement cooler for camping, recreational fishing, and for RV camping, as well.  Igloo also makes great wheeled coolers.  

The fish measuring tool that is molded into the lid makes this a perfect fishing cooler for the professional angler. This fishing cooler is also designed to resist corrosion so the cooler will withstand the elements for quite a long time. 

It may not be very large inside, but it will still hold a whopping 23 liters of your favorite drinks and food. It can easily be used as a fish slurry for decent sized fish to help keep the meat in good condition. On top of that, this fishing cooler is lightweight and will not add much to the overall weight.

With quite a long ice retention capability you will be able to have drinks cold and ice frozen for up to 36 hours inside the cooler. Plus, this is the perfect fishing cooler if you need mobility, and it will fit perfectly in your marine transport.

It is made from strong and durable materials, but it is still light enough to be carried around very easily. You also have strong handles included to make it easy to carry when it is time to move around. The cool riser technology included with this cooler allows you to maintain contents cool for much longer.

To make this one of the best fishing coolers, the marine cooler could fix the lid to properly secured, so it will not stay in place all the time. There is also no drain hole included with this cooler.

If you’re looking for the best fishing coolers that needs only one or two ice bags to keep all your goods cool, this is the guy for you. It is perfectly suited for day-long use, but it won’t be that great should you need to use it for more than a day.  This marine cooler is a great, inexpensive option.  Another great cooler from Igloo is the Sportsmans cooler



  • A fish measuring ruler on top of the lid
  • Decent storage size with this cooler
  • Long ice retention capability
  • Strong and sturdily built


  • Lid is not properly secured
  • No drain hole for easy cleaning

Engel Leak Proof Cooler Drybox

Engel fishing cooler


  • Lid is properly secured in place
  • Carry strap included for easy transport
  • Great airtight seals are included
  • Strongly built and durable


  • Small storage capacity
  • No drain hole included

This is a nice-looking fishing cooler from Engel that will also look great at your picnic or camping site. This is also a great cooler for the outdoor person who loves to move from site to site.  It easily makes our list of the best fishing coolers.

Engler Fishing Cooler Review

With this fishing cooler, you get a lid that is secured when closed, so it will not accidentally open and let the cold out. It also comes with strong hinges attached to the lid for a more secure lid and seam protection. This means the cooler will keep your contents ice cold and protected inside even while being moved around.

There is a carry strap included with this fishing cooler from Engel, so it can easily be carried over the shoulder. This allows for even more mobility and ease of handling if you use it while hiking or take it on a remote fishing trip. These features make this the perfect fishing cooler for a small party or just a lone camper or fisherman on the move.  Engler Fishing Coolers also have outstanding ice retention.

You get a strong and expandable gasket seal included with this cooler to keep your drinks cold and ice frozen for longer. It will also function as a dry box so your valuables stay dry on the inside with the dustproof seals. That means you can even submerge the cooler, and it will not allow water inside the cooler box. Plus, it will float.  The ice retention on this cooler is just as goof, if not better, than other coolers on this list.

This very durable marine cooler is made from strong, high-quality materials that will last for a very long time in the outdoors. It is also designed to keep everything inside safe from the heat with the high-grade foam materials that are used. The cooler is stain and odor-resistant to help keep everything fresh all the time.

Unlike some of the other best fishing coolers, there is no drain hole included with this fishing cooler, which would make cleaning it easier. You also get a reasonably small storage capacity with this cooler to limit what can be stored inside the box.

Stanley Adventure Cooler


  • Lid is secured in place when closed
  • Available in different colors
  • Lifetime warranty included for peace of mind
  • Long ice retention capability


  • No drain hole included
  • Small storage capacity
  • No Bottle opener

This may be the best small fishing cooler.  It is aesthetically well-designed to look great at any campsite or on any picnic blanket. It is also lightweight, making it perfect for the marine fisherman. It will not add a lot of weight to the kayak or boat you are fishing from.  The dimensions of this cooler are 13.3 x 10.7 x 8.6.  This cooler comes in 3 sizes, 7, 10 and 16 quarts.  The Stanely 7 qt cooler is our preferred size for fishing.

Stanley Fishing Cooler Review

As far as fishing coolers go, this one looks the part.  It is available in a variety of colors to suit all the different preferences of its many users. The most popular colors are red and green. It is also well-designed to be strong and sturdy, giving you a long life of great service. To support the high quality and durability of the cooler, you get a lifetime warranty included.

With the lid secured with strong latches, it will not accidentally open. This means the contents of this fishing cooler will stay cool for as long as you want them to. Speaking of the contents, it can hold up to 9 aluminum cans. You also have strong hinges attached to the lid to keep it securely opened and supported while it is used.  The high density polyethylene out shell is the key to keeping everything cool inside.

It comes with a long ice retention your beverages stay cold for as long as 36 hours. It can also easily be used as a slurry for the fish you caught for much fresher and better-tasting meat. This long ice retaining capability is possible with the high-quality polypropylene shell and the foam insulation that is used to make the cooler.

There are some great extra features included with this cooler, such as the adjustable tiedown that is on top of the lid. It also comes with great leak-resistant gasket seals keeps the cold in and anything else out. This is a great lunch box for the fisherman who will bring home the catch of the day.

There is no drain plug included with this fishing cooler, and that makes it a bit difficult to clean out after being used. Also, the storage space inside the box is not that large, so perhaps not everything you need will fit into it.

Coleman 100 Quart Xtreme 5 Cooler



  • Large storage capacity
  • Long ice retention period
  • Drain hole included for easy cleaning
  • Cup holders included on the lid


  • Too heavy for one person
  • Lid is not secured with a latch
  • Lacks bottle opener

This fishing cooler is made with durability in mind, and the brand name tells you all about the quality of this product. It is well-designed to do what it is supposed to do - to keep the contents cool and fresh at all times.

Coleman Fishing Cooler Review

This cooler gives you enough space to store everything you need to take with you on your camping trip. It is the ideal cooler to keep in the boat while you are out fishing on the lake. It will maintain a great fish slurry for a few days, and it offers high durability and large storage capacity.

Due to the great quality and ample space, this cooler will keep your food and drinks cool and ice frozen for a very long time. This is possible with the very long ice retention capability of up to 5 days without the ice melting inside the cooler. That means you can have a great camping experience for a long time without worrying about any food going bad.

For much easier cleaning of the cooler, there is a drain hole included, as well as a non-tilt channel for easy cleaning. You also get two handles included to make it easy to carry the cooler with more than one person. The lid is strong enough to be used as extra seating on the boat or at the campsite.

On the top of the lid, you also have 4 cup holders included to provide you with a hands-free option. These holders are conveniently molded quite deep into the lid to help prevent spillage and keep cups secure inside the holes. This cooler will keep the contents inside cold for up to 5 days at up to 90 degrees without losing its cool temperatures.

Anglers will be very pleased with this particular cooler because despite not needing any electric input or a battery, it works hard. It is ideal for those long sessions next to the water over a weekend.

This cooler is quite heavy without anything in it, and it is too heavy to be used by just one person. Another thing is that the lid is not secured with a latch when closed, which may cause accidental opening.  Coleman also makes a great Steel belted cooler.  Check out our complete review of the Coleman Xtreme Coolers.

REYLEO Fishing Coolers



  • Quite a long ice retention period
  • Many extras included with the cooler
  • Available in different colors
  • Lightweight and portable for all your trips


  • Rubber latches may not last very long
  • Storage capacity is a bit small
  • no cup holders

This is a very nice-looking fishing cooler that will make your campsite look much better just by sitting there. It is also quite versatile and can be used in many different outdoor applications, as well as for indoor parties.

Reylo Marine Cooler Review

With this cooler, you get quite a long ice retention period of 3 to 5 days without the ice melting. This will keep your drinks and food cold at all times on a fishing trip without the worry of your food going bad.

There are many extras included with this cooler that will make your fishing trip much easier and more convenient. This includes a cup holder, as well as a fish measuring tool that is molded into the lid of the cooler box.

For those who do not want boring colors, this cooler is available in different colors for your personal taste. It is also lightweight and portable, so it can be used while camping and on a hiking trip for a cold drink on the go.

It is strong and sturdily constructed from durable materials, and it can hold up to 700 pounds on top of the lid. Also, it comes with a strong, stainless-steel handle, making it very easy to carry around.

Thanks to the secure latching system, this cooler will keep all your goodies safe and cold. It has rubberized feet to help you use it wherever you want without the fear of it sliding or slipping.

The rubber latches are strong according to the manufacturer, but they look flimsy and if they will last remains to be seen. Because it is made for mobility, the storage capacity is on the small side and may not be suitable for all purposes.  There is not Reylo cooler website.

Best Kayak fishing cooler

best kayak fishing cooler

We love the CreekKooler Pup Floating Cooler for the best cooler for kayak fishing.  This cooler will float in it's own and won't take up space on the kayak itself.  This fishing cooler has a capacity of 15 quarts and it's ice retention is more than acceptable for a floating cooler.

Best Fishing Coolers Final Verdict

The Coleman Xtreme cooler is a great device and perhaps the  best fishing cooler on our list, and that is not just because of the name. It comes with many features included, as well as a large storage capacity. However, it is quite heavy and requires being carried by more than one person.

As a runner-up, the Reyleo cooler, is a great option for the lone fisherman who needs long ice retention capability. It definitely looks cooler but is a bit on the bulky side.

For all your future fishing trips, in order to keep everything ice cold be sure to take one of these fishing coolers.