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Coleman 70 quart xteme marine cooler

Summer is around the corner, so you will probably be in search of the best cooler at a reasonable price. The Coleman 70 Quart Xtreme marine Cooler is the ultimate solution to store and cool your food and drinks while having outdoor fun. Whether you want to go on vacation, fishing, have backyard barbeques or have mini-beach fun, you can pack stuff and take this cooler along!

Let's dive deep into the article to know more about the features and pros & cons of the Coleman 70 Quart Xtreme Marine Cooler.

Coleman 70 quart extreme cooler
Igloo bmx 52 quart cooler

ice retention

5 days

4-5 days

10 days


100 cans

83 12 ounce cans

48 cans


small lip in front of the drainage

threaded drain plug

drain sprout

Wheeled cooler





25 x 14. x 14

26 x 16. x 16 

36 x 19 x 17


Performance / Insulation

Although this Coleman marine cooler has the thinnest walls, it provides decent insulation. If we compare it with other similar models, we find it less efficient.

Having a testing value of 4.1 days, it doesn’t come closer to other coolers of 6 or 6.5 days, maintaining a temperature of less than 40. For temperature, it lags since it manages to retain 50 or below, which lasts for 4.8 days compared to other coolers having a 5.1-day average.

Undoubtedly, there are many high-end models better than Coleman 70 Quart Xtreme Cooler; still, it outperforms many others in this price range.

Extreme Cooler Ease of Use

Coleman has a pretty straightforward, basic, and robust design. The regular push and pull lid makes opening and closing the door convenient. The cooler is spacious enough to keep all the items stored and chilled.

Moreover, it claims to have 70 Quart, but we found it to be at 68. It has a small outlet that drains out all the water. You can easily carry it to the party or picnic spot with the plastic handles at the side.

While it's pretty handy and easy to use, we found some loopholes. The absence of a latch and rubber gasket can cause leakage. Similarly, handles are not spacious enough for two-person to move them around simultaneously.


The lightweight model of the Coleman Xtreme cooler stands out among the rest. Compared to its rival models, which weigh three to four-time more, it adds to its portability. However, the plastic handles are too narrow and may make you uncomfortable if you single-handedly move them. But again, it also depends upon the load. It will not be more apparent if it has less load.


Coleman 70 Quart Xtreme falls behind due to its poor durability. The hinges are thin and easily breakable. Consider the screws tearing apart when there is more pressure on the lids.

Also, having no rubber seal increases the chances of leakage and air coming out of it. Unlike other coolers, it does come with IGBC certification. However, we suggest if you keep it with care, it can work for longer.

It isn't the best choice if you go rough on it, but it's the best budget-friendly, the lightweight cooler you can find in this category!

Coleman Xtreme Cooler Features 

Here are some of its incredible features.

EZ-Clean Lid

The coolers come with EZ-clean lid wipes that throw off all the dust in one swipe. You can head on to your next outdoor destination with no less time.

Have a Seat Lid

It has a seat lid that can bear up to 250 pounds, giving you additional space to sit and enjoy with family and friends.

No Crush Handles

The cooler displays side handles with a strong grip. You do not need to worry about the revolving handles that loosened the grip.

Built-In Cup Holders

Designed with in-built cup holders, you can place your drink inside it to avoid spill-outs.

Effective Drainage System

Though the cooler has an effective drainage system, the small lip in front of the drain stops the whole of the water from letting out. Therefore, some water stays inside that can be drained out by turning it upside down.

High Capacity

It is wide enough and has a large capacity of carrying up to 100 cans.

Coleman Xtreme Value for Money

The Coleman 70 Qt. cooler is a power pack cooler that shines for its value. Compared with other models and brands, you can have it by paying just two digits.

It may not be long-lasting in terms of keeping the things chilled for as long as ten days. But with the price it holds, it can be a lifesaver and solution for picnic parties, beaches, or backyard fun.

It's available in stark white, blue, and black colors.


  • Hardware made of stainless steel preventing it from rust
  • Ample storage space holding up to 100 cans
  • Manufactured of UV material, it keeps the UV sun damaging rays away
  • In-built cup holders for holding cups
  • A reasonable price range that makes it really affordable.
  • Lightweight and portable


  • No wheels to move it around; instead, you have to carry it
  • Hinges are fragile and can break even under little pressure
  • Poor design of the handle can cause a bad experience while lifting it

The Bottom Line

Finding a good cooler that adds value to your life can be difficult, but Coleman 70 Quart Xtreme Marine Cooler is here to help you. The two-digit price fishing cooler doesn’t burden your pocket, keeping it in range for everyone.  If you like the Coleman brand this is one isn't for you try smaller version of the Coleman Xtreme cooler.

The specs include its usability, lightweight, storage capacity, ease of cleaning, and robust design made of steel. Available in different colors, you can choose whichever you like.

However, the downside is its durability, which includes the absence of wheels, poor design of handles, and hinges that are not sturdy. Also, the insulation is not the best compared to other models.

In the end, we will say if you are searching for a cheap cooler with good size, it may be a reasonable choice. However, Igloo Max Cold is also another good option. For a high-end heavy-duty cooler with various customizations and features, go for Bison Gen 2 cooler!