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Coleman Steel Belted Cooler Review


Quick Overview






  • High ice retention capability
  • It is easy to clean after use
  • Cup holders are molded in the lid
  • It comes with quite a large storage capacity
  • The lid is secured with a latch when closed


  • There are no wheels included with this model

When you are out there on a campsite, it is great to have a cooler box that has everything included. But unfortunately, there is not a perfect cooler box that will give you all the features you need from it.

They come in many different shapes and sizes and also with a lot of extra features to make your life easier. That is why it is not an easy task to choose the right cooler box for your personal needs.

So we chose one of the best, and we will take a close look at what it can offer the outdoor enthusiast. So keep reading to find out more about it.

Coleman Steel Belted Cooler

Coleman Steel Belted Cooler

With this cooler box, you have quite a long ice retention period that will keep the ice solid to keep your beverages cold. This will happen for up to 4 days of cold drinks while you are out there fishing or on a camping trip.

What's Included?

You get a very strong cooler box that comes with lots of great features included to make your camping life very easy. This cooler box comes with the dual feature of being used as an extra seating that will hold up to 250 pounds.

Overview Of Features

The smooth surface of this cooler box will help to easily clean it when you are done with your camping or fishing trip. It is made from a rust-resistant steel that is stain resistant to easily keep it clean all the time.

And to support the easy cleaning of the outside of this cooler box, you also have a leak-resistant fluid drain. This drain will help you to quickly get rid of all the water from the melted ice without the need to tilt it.

For a nice hands-free feature, there are 4 cup holders molded into the lid of the cooler box to keep cups safe. It is also deeply molded to help for firm seating of the cups inside the molded cup holder to prevent spillage.

This is great for when you are out fishing on a boat and need your hands to reel in a catch quickly. Or if you are on a short riverboat trip and you can bring your own beverages along for a private picnic on the deck.

You have a very large storage capacity to fill it with all your favorite foods and drinks while out on a trip. Even when it is game time, and you invite your friends, this will hold all you need to get you through the game.

There is latch to secure it in place to prevent accidental opening of the lid. This is important while you are out there on the water, busy catching the big one or at the game.

But there are some negative things to even this great cooler box. One of them is that this box is quite heavy to lug around. It would also have been nice if some wheels were attached to it for easier moving around.

Who is the Coleman Steel Belted Cooler for?

This cooler box is not just meant for one type of person or one type of outdoor application at all. The fisherman will benefit significantly from this cooler box with all the great features that are included with the cooler.

It will also be of great benefit for those people who love to have a BBQ in the outdoors. And it will also be great for those people who love to have tailgate parties and need cold beverages close at hand.

It's suitable even for sports fans, as well as the sportsmen and women out there that need the cooling features of the cooler box. So as you can see, this cooler box is excellent for many outdoor and indoor uses to provide a cool beverage.

Here are some of the main features you can expect with this cooler:

  • A long ice retention period of up to 4 days, in temperatures as hot as 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Very easy to clean with the rust-resistant stainless steel exterior and the leak-resistant drain hole inside.
  • Firm cup holders molded into the lid to provide a hands-free feature and reduce the chance of spillage.
  • You get a very large storage capacity for all the necessary beverages to be kept cold.
  • And you also have a bonus of a measuring ruler for all the fish you may catch.


A suitable alternative to the Coleman Steel Belted Cooler is the rolling Xtreme 5 cooler box, also from Coleman. This cooler box also comes with many features included with it but with a slightly lower price point attached to it.

There is just one catch, and that is this cooler box is smaller than the Xtreme's capacity. But it is very suitable for those people with a tight budget or those who need only a small storage capacity.

Both of these cooler boxes have very long ice retention periods that make them quite a favorable cooler box with fishermen.


If you look at all the great features that are included with the Coleman Steel-Belted cooler box, you know it's perfect. And on top of that, you also get the great quality that always comes with the Coleman name.

Now you know what cooler you need for your next fishing trip or tailgate party you are planning for the family. Enjoy your next outdoor experience!


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