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Icy Breeze Reviews – Cooler and Portable AC Unit

IcyBreeze coolers are a good option for all outdoor fun activities. These include fishing, camping, and long vacation trips. See our IcyBreeze reviews below for more information.

IcyBreeze History 

IcyBreeze started in Bixby, Oklahoma in 2013. A decade later, IcyBreeze brand has grown. They moved from Oklahoma to Sweetwater, Texas. This let IcyBreeze meet the high production demands. IcyBreeze is one of the best known cooler brands. They serve the largest companies in the world.

IcyBreeze Coolers and Shark Tank

The IcyBreeze shark tank episode was episode 15 of season 7. Jason Shakleford, David Yonce and Andrew Jenkins were the contestants. David Yonce is the founder of IcyBreeze. The three men were hoping to raise $50,000 on Shark Tank for 5% of the company. They left without a deal.

Icy Breeze Coolers

One of the best things about Icy Breeze is that it works wirelessly. It uses a rechargeable battery. This makes it perfect for outdoor use. It has a 38-quart capacity. This is enough to store food and drinks for a small group of people. The IcyBreeze cooler comes in two models. These are IcyBreeze Platinum and the IcyBreeze V2 PRO.




Ice Retention


IcyBreeze Platinum

Icy Breeze Platinum

30 lbs

16 lbs

7 days

IcyBreeze V2 PRO

IcyBreeze V2 Pro

30 lbs

16 lbs

3-4 days

IcyBreeze Platinum Cooler

The IcyBreeze Platinum cooler comes with great color options. The most popular colors are midnight blue and iceberg blue. Other colors are molten red, desert tan and navy blue.

There are three optional battery choices.  The most powerful is the 110-220V power supply. The two additional options are the 6AH and 10AH batteries.

One downside of the Icy Breeze cooler is that it is heavy. This is more true when it's loaded with food and drinks. In addition, it requires ice to operate. This means that you'll need to purchase or bring ice with you when you use it.

IcyBreeze v2 PRO Cooler

The IcyBreeze V20 Pro has color choices and optional batteries. The body colors are Desert Tan, and Hot Pink. The battery options are the same as the Icy Breeze Platinum cooler. 110-220V wall adapter and 6AH or 10AH battery are the sizes.

IcyBreeze Platinum vs IcyBreeze V2 PRO

The two coolers are similar to each other in terms of details. The IcyBreeze Platinum cooler comes with better-upgraded functions. The IcyBreeze Platinum lets you control the air temperature. It does this by using economy mode when you don’t need the coldest air. To you want cold air you can select Extreme Cooling. The IcyBreeze platinum board has a USB port for plugging in your devices. This is a great and useful feature. It is useful when one is far from a power source when using the cooler. The IcyBreeze platinum board uses less energy. This means the run time for the batteries is even longer.


  • Rugged Polyethylene Construction  Integrated Vent
  • Dual Lift Handle
  • Easy to use Drain
  • Made in the USA
  • Rechargeable Battery up to 5 Hours on Dead Battery
  • Portable Air Conditioner
  • portable air hose


  • Cannot function without a battery
  • Extra purchases for batteries

Who are IcyBreeze Coolers made for? 

IcyBreeze has a mission to produce environment friendly coolers. They use water not Freon. This maintains an eco-friendly environment. During hot summer seasons with heat waves this is important. Who doesn't want to own a cooler that serves as an air conditioner as well?

Where to buy an IcyBreeze Cooler

The IcyBreeze cooler are available at most online retailers. The most common ones are IcyBreeze.com, Amazon.com, Wallmart.com, Wayfair.com, Basspro.com.

IcyBreeze Cooler cooling system

The IcyBreeze cooler package comes with a portable air conditioner.  This works by hidden vents in the lids of the ice chest. These suck in air and run it over water.  This eliminates the needs for Freon. This is what makes IcyBreeze Coolers the most eco-friendly coolers on the market.

This portable air condition uses a battery pack. This comes in the form of a standard 12-volt rechargeable battery. This battery pack can last up to six hours ins included.

This air condition comes with a three speed high-powered fan. The unit is durable and weather resistant. This makes it suitable for use in a variety of outdoor conditions. Made from high quality materials means it withstands regular wear and tear.

IcyBreeze portable Air Conditioner 

All IcyBreeze coolers come with a portable Air Conditioner that produces cold air. This is perfect for cooling the body during outdoor summer activities. Fresh air draws from hidden vents in the top of the cooler. It is then pulled across the exchanger and chilled down. The cold air can be up to 35 degrees below the hot summer temperature. 

Cooling Fan

 The IcyBreeze coolers come with a powerful cooling fan. This 3 speed fan blows air up to 25 MPH. The IcyBreeze brand sources its custom-made fans from the Pelonis Fan Company. Due to the fans' efficiency, they have enough capacity to run on 10ah battery. This means it can run for up to 6 hours on a single charge.

Cooling Vent

 The cooling vent is at the top of all IcyBreeze coolers. It allows for cold air to blow out. This happens when the pump pushes cold water through a coil. Cold air blows across this coil. When the air cools, it is then pulled out and ice-cold dry air blows out through the vent.

Flo Pump

 Partnering with the best pump brand, the TOPS-FLO Brand. IcyBreeze coolers are designed to flow a consistent level of water. This helps them last for over 10,000 hours of run time.

IcyBreeze Cooler Battery System

All IcyBreeze coolers come with an ultra-high 6ah and 10ah battery systems. This system offers up to 6 hours of runtime on a single charge. IcyBreeze prides itself in sourcing custom-made batteries for its coolers. 10 Samsung cells provide the 6ah battery and the 10ah battery with energy. This is what runs the control board, Tops Flo pump and the Pelonis fan. 

The IcyBreeze battery is easy to detach making it easy to change.

Big Shot Wheels

IcyBreeze makes their coolers with wheels. These large wheels enable the coolers to roll over all surfaces. These cooler wheels improve grip, traction cornering. Other features include dual and integrated pull handles.

Icy Breeze Cooler Warranty

IcyBreeze coolers come with a lifetime warranty with two repair options. The first is to use a prepaid label to ship the damaged cooler back to IcyBreeze. IcyBreeze repairs the cooler and sends it back to fully functional. Alternatively you can allow IcyBreeze to repair or replace the broken cooler part. This uses a comparable item at IcyBreeze's sole discretion. In this case you pay the shipping and handling fee.

 IcyBreeze warranty specifications 

  • 10 years additional lifetime warranty after the cooler model production ends. 
  • 100% transferable warranty 
  • No proof of purchase is needed for the warranty 
  • The body of the cooler is not a functional part. This means the warranty does not cover it. 

Icy Breeze Cooler Alternatives

Yeti Roadie 24

Yeti Roadie 24

The Yeti Roadie 24 is one of the the smallest Yeti cooler. The external dimensions are35.6 X 44.5 X 41.9CM. The Yeti Roadie 24 is still tall enough to chill wine and keep snacks fresh for 3-5 days. Other features include Permafrost Insulation, Interlock lid system, Non-slip feet and Long-grip handles.

Lifetime 55 Quart Cooler

This high-performance cooler comes with a 5-year limited warranty. 27.00 by 17.60 by 17.30 are the external dimensions. The lifetime 55 quart cooler is a great cooler for the money. The cooler boasts are 7 day Ice retention. A Stainless Steel Bottle Opener and Two Rubber Latches rounds out the features.

Lifetime 55 quart cooler
Igloo Sportsman cooler

Igloo Sportsman 20

Igloo Sportsman is one of the best-selling affordable coolers. It is the best cooler for hard outdoor activities. The Igloo Sportsman 20 includes Firm rotational-molded construction. An oversized, threaded drain plug is another feature. This allows for quick draining and easy cleaning. Durable rubberized t-handle lid latches help keep contents secure. Finally an Anti-skid feet on the base keep cooler stable and secure on smooth surfaces.

Icy Breeze Performance Vs Price

Both the IcyBreeze coolers are worth every penny. A portable Air conditioner, Rechargeable batteries and a lifetime warranty make it a great deal. Throw in 7-day ice retention and the Polyethylene Construction it's even better.

The fact that the IcyBreeze brand produces environment-friendly coolers is outstanding. Having an amazing cooler that not only serves its function well but protects the environment is amazing.

The feeling of having cold air blown right into your face in a heat wave makes the IcyBreeze coolers a good purchase. Getting to experience fun through the amazing features of the IcyBreeze coolers makes it worth purchasing. IcyBreeze coolers are trusted by the worlds-most famous institutions. Some of these include Tokyo 2020, Australia Open, US Open and Rascall Flatts.

Icy Breeze Reviews conclusion

As far as quality and performance, IcyBreeze outweigh all other coolers. First, the IcyBreeze coolers have the two-in-one feature. They not only cool the refreshments but provide cool air via the portable AC feature.

Secondly, the IcyBreeze coolers are portable and flexible with large wheels. This ensures a good grip on all surfaces. This leads to reducing beverage spillage and accidents. Thirdly, the IcyBreeze coolers are eco-friendly. IcyBreeze coolers use water not Freon.

Fourthly, the IcyBreeze company uses top-notch materials in its coolers. These include Samsung cells, Penolis fans, and TOP- FLO pumps. Lastly, the IcyBreeze coolers offer a lifetime warranty for their coolers. They offer a 10-year warranty after the cooler model halts production. The IcyBreeze coolers are worth considering.