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Igloo Cooler with Wheels. Trailmate, Party Bar, Sportsman

Igloo coolers are a great combination of quality and affordability when looking at high performance coolers.  Igloo is well know for their playmate coolers as well as there soft sided coolers.  If you are interested in other types of wheeled coolers, check out our best wheeled cooler review. However, the best igloo cooler with wheels takes it up another notch.  There is a variety of coolers with wheels.   Let's dig right in!

Top Wheeled Coolers overview

Sportsman Cooler
Olive Green
Trailmate Cooler
Olive Green
Party bar Cooler
party bar
Latitude Cooler
latitude cooler

Dimensions: 39.76 x 18.5 x 19.69

Dimensions: 34.59 x 19.7 x 23.61

Dimensions: 39.1 x 21.8 x 26.9

Dimensions: 32.28 x 16.54 x 18.9

ECOCOOL Trailmate Cooler with wheels

igloo trailmate acid Green
Olive Green
igloo trailmate white
Trailmate Acid Green
Trailmate Olive Green
Trailmate Gray
Trailmate White

This 70 quart cooler is one of the coolest ones I can remember.  It comes in a variety of colors and price ranges.  one of the coolest things about this coolers is that is is made from recycled plastic that was diverted from a landfill, making it one of the more eco friendly coolers on the market.

All terrain wheels

The wheels on this high performance cooler are built for off roading.  They provide a smooth ride whether on concrete, sand or on the trail.  The wheels have a ground clearance of 1- inches.

Eco-friendly THERMOCOOL insulation

Not only does this cooler offer superior insulation but it does so in an eco-friendly way.  The outside body as well and the lid and liner are made with post consumer resin (PCR).  The foam in the body and lid are also eco friendly and provide superior performance. 

Threaded drain plug

An high performance cooler, whether a cooler with wheels or not, needs a drain plug.  The high performing coolers will go a step further here and include a garden-hose compatible drain plug and that is exactly what the Igloo cooler with wheels includes.

 Steel Glide handle

In addition to the 10 inch wheels the superior horizontal dual-trigger steel glide handle makes it easy to carry the cooler over any terrain.  The telescoping handle can lock into position and serve to told the butler tray that is stored under the lid.

igloo cooler telescoping handle

Other Trailmate features

There are almost too many other features of this igloo cooler with wheels to count.  The coolers comes with tie down points to give you more carrying options.  There are lockable water resistant storage areas along the site.  These include an antileak gasket to prevent leaks.  As we mentioned above, the butler tray is very convenient when you are ready to sever your cold drinks

In addition to these features you also get 4 self draining cup holders on top of the lid.  Most Coolers will come with maybe one bottle opener, but the Igloo trailmate cooler has two.  Finally the skid rails along teh bottom will help keep your cooler safe from rust.

Igloo Party Bar 125 Quart Cooler

part bar

The party bar 125 quart cooler is the mac daddy of Igloo wheeled coolers.  This thing is huge and can hold up to 121 cans.  It comes with an elevated base to easier access.  This also means you can remove the cooler from the wheels and set it down easily.  The wheels come with licking casters so it will not roll around on you.  It also comes equipped with removable drink dividers on the inside as well as a wine caddy.  There is also a bottle cap opener compelte with a bin to catch the caps

Igloo ECOCOOL Latitude Roller Cooler

igloo latitude

The Latitude roller cooler is Igloo's no frills option.  It is a sold cooler when a nice handle, but lacks the bells and whistles.  not can open, no telescoping handle, no butler tray.  This coolers comes in 60 and 90 quart sizes and the price reflects it's lack of features.  if you are looking for a base model wheeled cooler this is your ticket.

Igloo Sportsman 90 quart Cooler

igloo sportsman cooler

The igloo Sportsman cooler comes in a wide variety of sizes and models.  The sportsman 110 quart glide cooler is one of our favorites.  It's an upgrade from the Latitude cooler.  Like other sportsman coolers it has the THERMECOOL insulation.  This is  a clean, eco friendly technology that helps keep your drinks cold.  The telescoping handle offer easier navigation than other coolers.  Many fisherman like this cooler because it has a ruler on the outside to help measure your fish.  The drain plug is threaded but not able to hoop up to a hose.  Check out our detailed review of the Igloo Sportsman cooler.  

Igloo Cooler with Wheels alternatives

Pelican Cooler

The Pelican 70 qt cooler comes with a lifetime guarantee, and it's available in a range of colors, including white, tan, and grey. The cooler also features built-in cup holders, a fish ruler, and a bottle opener.