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Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt Cooler Review

Quick Overview





Igloo is a brand whose mission since 1947 has been to redefine how we live, work, and play by making life better. The brand works tirelessly to innovate, create, and develop products such as the Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt Cooler. Any household needs to have a good cooler that holds temperatures for long, preventing food contamination, so Igloo designed the Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt Cooler.

Apart from acting as excellent food storage, there are many reasons to include the Igloo Cooler in your outdoor camping gear. It is versatile and durable, making it ideal for almost all outdoor activities.

Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt Cooler Review

There are several Igloo coolers available. However, today, we will look at the Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt Cooler. This product is lightweight yet heavy-duty, and its robust construction allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions. Unlike other similar products, the heavy-duty cooler surpasses all expectations by chilling food, drinks, and ice for three days.

This is just one of the many benefits of owning this cooler. Keep reading to find out more about the Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt Cooler.

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Who Is This Product For?

Igloo designed this product to offer solutions for beach, hunting, camping, hiking, outdoors, and fishing escapades. The Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt Cooler is a product ideal for an outdoorsman. This cooler has unique features and specifications to keep your cooler contents at your desired temperatures. Also, the heavy-duty case used makes it a good choice for extreme outdoor activities such as hiking on steep terrains.

This product is a must-have unit in any home. The Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt Cooler provides convenient extra cooling space at home. In addition, you can use it to transport fresh groceries from the market.

It is also the ideal product for small food delivery businesses. The easily portable cooler bag allows you to efficiently deliver perishable goods to your clients. The Igloo Qt Cooler is affordable, making it an excellent option for food business start-ups.

What's Included?

A complete package includes the Igloo Cooler and the manual instructions.

.Overview of Features

The Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt Cooler's unique feature is its lightweight and durable construction that easily withstands harsh weather elements. Its sturdy molded construction, which features a reinforced base and kick plates, provides extra protection, thus making the cooler long-lasting.

In addition, it has Ultratherm foam-insulated walls and a lid that provides a superior and extended ice retention performance. The durable, marine-grade, rubberized lid T-latches to the stainless steel locking plate for secure closure and lock. It also features UV inhibitors that protect it against sun damage, thus extending its life.

The unique cooling abilities of the Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt Cooler are because of the Cool Riser Technology that improves its cooling performance by raising the cooler body away from hot surfaces. This technology enables it to maintain an ice-cold environment for up to three days.

You'll love how easy it is to carry and transport the Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt Cooler. The cooler has a three-point grab handle for a comfortable grip. Also, the built-in tie-downs make it easier to secure the cooler during transportation. It has anti-skid pads at its base corners to promote its stability on smooth surfaces.

There is much more to love about the Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt Cooler. It is rust-resistant and has oversize hinges to promote an extended product life. Despite the heavy-duty construction, the product is lightweight and weighs about 11 pounds.

What's not to love about the Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt Cooler?

How to Use It

It's incredible how simple it is to use and maintain the Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt Cooler. You'll have to open the cooler by unlocking the rubberized T-grip latches at the front to store your food and drinks. Next is to open up the lid and insert your drinks.

After that, secure the cooler by locking the latches, and you're ready to go. Use the triple grab handle to hand carry your cooler and tie-down loops to secure it during transportation. The good thing is that the cooler comes with a user manual that you can easily refer to fix specific problems.

This cooler requires basic maintenance procedures such as wiping the exterior surfaces after use and before storing. Doing this helps prevent stains and foul odors. You're free to use mild detergent and even baking soda to remove stains and you should thoroughly rinse your cooler before storing it away.


  • Heavy-duty molded construction
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Advanced cooling performance, up to 4 days
  • Cool Riser Technology
  • Easy to transport


  • The cooler could use more space


DEWALT 45 Qt roto-moulded Cooler

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One alternative to the Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt Cooler that meets all expectations is the DEWALT 45 Qt roto-molded Cooler, which has a larger capacity. The DEWALT 45 Qt Cooler roto mold design can withstand the roughest temperatures while ensuring temperature optimization inside. It has indestructible abilities that make it ideal for any outdoor space, even construction sites.

The molded cooler also features easy-to-open latches similar to the Igloo 25 Qt Cooler. These lid latches easily handle the rigors of everyday use and they are ultra-durable. Importantly, they ensure a secure lock keeping your food and drinks cold for days.

This product is a hub of unique features designed to offer the best cooling experience. For instance, it has reinforced insulation to promote ice retention. Also, the cooler has a dual-sized drain plug for easy draining. Other essential features include non-slip feet for securing the cooler, integrated side rails, heavy-duty nylon straps, and a lid gasket.


The Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt Cooler is a product designed to be perfect for all outdoor uses. Whether you plan on going for a hike or a swim on the beach, this cooler ensures you consume fresh food and drinks. It has more than enough features to keep its contents cool for up to three days.

Furthermore, it is easy to carry and the anti-slip pads prevent it from sliding off smooth surfaces. The Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt Cooler solves all your outdoor food preservation and cooling problems.