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Igloo Products Sportsman Cooler Review


Quick Overview






  • Tough construction that will hold up in adventurous conditions
  • Features UV inhibitor technology that provides advanced protection and ice retention
  • Conveniently integrated scale that is ideal for measuring trophy fish
  • Durable, extra thick foam insulation in both the lid and body
  • The drain plug has a convenient tie-down chain to prevent misplacement
  • Easy to clean and features odor and stain-resistant qualities
  • Convenient anti-skid paws allow a stable grip even on wet boat surfaces


  • May require the correct cooling preparation for extremely hot conditions

Though but a small discovery, simplistic in its most basic form, the cooler chest and bag is a convenient invention that is most certainly welcome. Allowing you the ability to keep beverages and other food parcels cool, even on a hot summer’s day, it often gets taken for granted.

However, without the pioneering advancements of the cooler box, enjoying a cold soda at the ball game, picnic, or even a safari drive in the hot African sun, would not be possible. Among the world’s finest producers of cooler chests, Igloo Products are perhaps one of the best known and widely trusted of all.

Igloo Products Sportsman Cooler

Igloo Products have been around for years. Long before, they were known by many different names as the company continued to evolve and grow into the mass manufacturer that Americans so greatly adore.

With their inception dating back to 1947, producing metal water coolers, the company expanded vigorously, continuously adding to their repertoire of opulent products.

Step by step, the company became Igloo Products, advancing the market of cooler bags, boxes, and chests with their paramount deliverance of legendary products. Today, the Sportsman 5-quart cooler is one of their most popular products. It can be seen all over the globe at ball games, besides basketball courts, and just about anywhere a cooler can be put to good use.

Who is This Cooler for?

Despite being marketed for the enthusiastic outdoorsman, such as campers, hunters, anglers, and adventurers of all kinds, the Igloo Sportsman comes recommended for just about anyone. It is designed and constructed to be virtually indestructible.

This cooler will withstand even the roughest conditions, from outback adventuring to the abuse often endured by continued exposure to careless family members at picnics or any other gatherings.

It is tough and reliable, made with world-class materials and manufacturing processes that will not only ensure it sustains a long life of convenient service but will save you money on consumables such as ice too.

Convenient enough to carry into ball game stadiums, up the rafters at school sporting events, stowing it safely in the trunk of your car or on the tonneau of your pick-up, the Igloo Sportsman is ideal for one person or larger families.

Even more, for those who like to be neat and tidy, the stain and odor-resistant features contained in this Igloo cooler would also be a very appealing choice.

What's Included?

Everything you need is readily included with the purchase of your Igloo Sportsman cooler. Although nothing else is added, the affordability of the cooler will allow you to buy both the cooler and maybe that first 12-pack of Budweisers for the upcoming game.

It could be mentioned that, for the prevention of losing the drain plug, which many people with little children may have experienced, a tie-down chain is fixed to the plug. Everyone knows the inconvenient problem that this could cause, and of the inevitable delays associated with it.

So Igloo solved this small but significant problem for us by adding one small and simple solution.

Overview of Features

Overviewing the features contained in the Igloo Sportsman, it is clear to see why it is the public’s most popular choice in coolers. Starting with the construction, it is molded from the finest materials through a rotational-molding process that provides it with an indestructible shell.

It is strong and tough, capable of enduring rugged conditions, environmental damage, and is even certified to be bear-proof. It is made spacious without compromising the convenience of being lightweight. Rated at 55 quarts or 52 cubic liters, it will easily hold up to 36 cans.

The lid of the cooler is insulated with 2” foam, while the body is insulated with 20” foam and features Igloo’s UV inhibitor design. The UV inhibitors provide superior protection against Ultraviolet damage, even in the harshest sunlight, and adds to the cooling insulation of the cooler to further enhance its performance.

The lid further features lockability with the use of a standard-sized lock and rubberized T-grip latches. It also has a self-stopping mechanism that allows the lid to be quickly and conveniently opened without overexposing the insulation.

The drain plug is made bigger for better draining and cleaning convenience and features stainless steel tethering for durability and corrosion proofing. It also has anti-skid paws to keep it stable and firmly positioned, even on the slippery surfaces of a boat. Furthermore, the lid has an integrated scale to measure fish, making it an ideal choice for anglers and deep-sea fishermen.

The hinge rods and latch pins are made from aluminum to prevent corrosive damage and ensure long life service while maintaining a convenient light weight to advance the cooler’s mobility.

It has heavy-duty 3-point-grab handles with comfort grip for convenient carriage and also has swing-out side handles for advanced convenience. The Igloo cooler is guaranteed to be leak-proof, stain-resistant, corrosion-proof, and is UV treated. This provides lifelong accompaniment on the toughest adventures you could think of undertaking.

How to Use Igloo Products Sportsman Cooler

Using your Igloo cooler is as simple as filling it with goodies and adding the ice. Keep the lid closed, and it will do the rest for you. Cleaning it is a breeze as well. Simply unscrew the plug when done, empty the container, wash with soapy water, and rinse out.

It is as convenient and straightforward as sitting back, keeping calm, and just enjoying the day out. Unless, of course, your favorite team is losing the game.


Alternatively, if, for some reason, the Igloo sportsman is not the cooler for you, then Igloo Products have plenty of other options.

Please do note, though, that their other products are not as affordable, but do have plenty of features not included in the Sportsman. One mentionable option among Igloos products is the BMX range of coolers, all of which are excellent products to choose from.


If you are looking for a convenient, affordable cooling companion, to take just about anywhere, we would recommend the Igloo Sportsman. It is tough enough to survive bear country adventuring, rugged fishing trips, and even trips on the stormy deep seas. Even those daring picnics with unruly family members and their curious children.

No matter where you take it, or to what conditions you expose it, the Igloo Sportsman will not disappoint you.


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