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Kanga Cooler Review

Kanga Coolers are a brand of high quality coolers. They got their start on Shark Tank. Kanga ice chests are made with durable materials. These include rotomolded plastics. They are made for harsh outdoor environments. They are equipped with many features. Airtight gaskets and freezer-grade seals help with ice retention. Heavy-duty hardware and a side pocket help with ease of use. These features make them perfect for camping, fishing, and tailgates.

Kanga Coolers are available in a range of sizes. Small personal fancy large koozie are useful for short trips or a lunch. The larger ones are capable of holding days’ worth of food and a case of beer cans. They also offer more features. A built-in bottle opener will come in handy to open your drinks. Cup holders are included to store these drinks. Tie-down points ensure a tight seal. All together these make them highly versatile. Kanga Coolers are a popular choice among beer drinkers. Kanga provides a high-quality, reliable ice chest. It will keep their food and drinks cold for as long as they need.

Kanga Coolers history

A group of students started the company in 2014 as part of a class project. The lack of a durable beer cooler spurred them to create their own. They saw a chance to offer superior ice retention at a good price. Over the years, Kanga coolers have become a popular brand among those looking for a no ice cooler. They have built a strong reputation for quality, affordability, and performance. They have continued to innovate. Kanga now offers a range of ice chests for different needs and preferences. Today, Kanga coolers are known for their rugged construction, dependable performance, and unbeatable value.  Many consider them to have the best beer cooler on the market.

Kanga Coolers and Shark Tank

The students behind kanga coolers were seeking an investor. This would help scale production and marketing efforts. They pitched the product to the panel of sharks. The sharks offered critiques and ask questions. They focused on the business's numbers, marketing strategy, and potential for growth. Shark Tank member Mark Cuban quickly decided to make a pitch. He made an offer of $100,000 for 20% equity. The founds of Kanga Coolers quickly accepted.

Kanga Cooler Review

Iceless Cooler

Types of Kanga Coolers

Kanga insulated cooler bag

The Kanga big cooler is a highly rated ice chest. It helps drinks stay cold beer bottles insulated for an extended period. The high-quality materials ensure the interior stays cold. The cooler bag is efficient and reliable. This makes it a great choice for a day at the beach or a camping trip.

The size is ideal for a small family or a group of friends. The bag can fit a number of cold beers. The exterior pockets are ideal for storing items such as utensils, keys, and cell phones. The bag has a strong and sturdy grip handle. This makes it easy to carry. The shoulder strap is adjustable, making it comfortable to wear.

The design eye catching. The colors are vibrant. This makes it an ideal add on to take to any event. The lined interior is easy to clean. The exterior is resistant to water and stains. This makes it a durable and long-lasting product.

Kanga Kase Mate

Kanga kase mate

Kanga Case mate

Users rave about the ease of use of the Kanga Kase Mate. The high-density foam material can hold up to the rigors of daily use. The built-in handle makes it easy to carry around. The case comes in a range of cool colors. These include black, red, blue, and green. This makes it easy to find one that matches your personal style.

The can size ranges from a 12 pack to a 24 pack. The ice chest has a built-in drainage system. This makes it easy to clean and maintain. The Kanga Kase Mate cooler has another name. Its alias is the Kanga Beer Cooler. You can slide a full case of beer! The tight fit of the 12 pack makes the cooler into an iceless cooler. There is no need for ice packs.  An American flag version is another option.

kanga soft cooler bag

Kanga Pouch Cooler

Kanga Pouch cooler

Kanga Pouch Cooler

The Kanga Pouch Cooler is a must-have for anyone who loves the outdoors. It is able to keep their beer cans and food cool and fresh. Only high quality materials make up the Kanga Pouch Cooler. It keepd drinks cold at the right temperature for hours.

The Kanga Pouch Cooler is easy to use. Fill it with your desired items, close the zipper, and you're ready to go. The pouch cooler is versatile. It has a wide array of uses. Whether it's to keep your drinks cool while hiking, or to keep your food fresh while camping. This is a great option for the golf course.

One of the standout features is the closed cell foam insulation. It's high quality materials will keep your beer cold for hours. This non traditional cooler is water-resistant. This is a must-have for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors.

The Kanga Pouch Cooler is compact. This makes it easy to store and transport. It is light weight only weighing 1 pound. This makes it ideal for people who are always on the go. The kanga pouch cooler comes in 12 can or 24 can capacity.

3 ways to use
the kanga pouch

The Pouch

Kanga Coolers Warranty

All Kanga Coolers come with a limited warranty.  This covers factory defects that must be submited using Kanga's Warranty Claim Form.  As with most warranties, it does not cover normal wear and tear.  It does not cover issues from misuse or neglect.

Kanga Cooler Alternatives

Corkcicle EOLA Cooler Backpack

Corcickle backpack

The Corkcicle Backpack cooler is a great option for a drink carrier.  It is one of the newer coolers from Corkcicle. It comes in six sizes andmust be hand washed.  It has two adjustable straps as well as a carrying handle.  The dimensions are rouchly 14 x 11.  It  can hold twelve beer cans or two bottles of wine.

Frostbox Golf Bag Cooler


Frostbox makes one of the best beer coolers on the market.  The cooler fits 6 cans.  These range from 12 ounce to 16 ounces.  It comes with a comfortable shoulder strap.  The Frostbox also an reusable ice pack that is slides into the side of the cooler.  It comes with a 12 month warranty and has dimensions of 3 x 7 x 17.  It is also the least expensive in our list. This is a great option for all the golfers out there.

Kanga Cooler Review Wrap up

No one likes warm beer. Either of the Kanga Coolers to choose from will prevent that. The Kanga Beer Cooler is a great option. It works much like a briefcase. This can also serves as an iceless cooler. It's superior cooling and tight fit of a whole case of beer.

The kanga pouch cooler is more of a normal soft sided cooler. It is a top item made to pack beer into. It offers top level coldness and is durable. Its unique design and features impress. These include the detachable shoulder strap and waterproof exterior. This makes it a convenient choice for outdoors and tailgating parties. It has a generous capacity including a stealth pocket to store koozies. This makes it ideal for families and groups. The high-quality construction, combined with a reasonable price, makes it an great buy. The Kanga Cooler is a key for anyone looking for the best beer cooler.