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Knox Electric Cooler

In this review, we take a close look at the Knox Electric cooler and the company that makes it. You will learn about the manufacturer of Knox gear, product description of Knox coolers, the benefits accrued through making a purchase, and a bonus comparison with other brands of electric coolers.

Knox Gear

Knox is a manufacturing company that prides itself as a reliable business that provides the utmost utility to family units. The company focuses on a line of electronic equipment that is embedded in family events. It manufactures diverse gear meant to simplify and some additional utility to the little things. The manufacturing firm has branded itself as a company that provides maximum quality in little ways hence making every experience more worthwhile.

Products manufactured at Knox include kitchen electronics, cleaning supplies, power tools, music equipment, and lifestyle products. Through the years, Knox has managed to gain a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of family-based equipment. This is a contribution to the ergonomic designs of its products.

Knox Electric Cooler

Knox Cooler

Knox Electric Cooler features

This is one of the product that can add some flavor to the camping experience. It is ergonomically designed for a family camping trip or a picnic.

The cooler does not only keep your food and drinks cold, but can also retain heat. It is uniquely designed to maintain the different temperatures of the foods and drinks stored simultaneously.

The interior design is subdivided in such a way that all your family members can carry their desired food or drinks. It is big enough to fit in about 12 gallons of drinks. It provides your family the privilege to carry enough food and drinks to spice up the family event.

Cooler Technology

Part of the reason the cooler stands out is that it can be powered up from anywhere. This gadget is engineered to support both AC and DC power cords. Therefore, you can use your vehicle’s battery to power up your electronic cooler.

The Knox electronic cooler can reach to a maximum temperature of 36º F and a maximum of 140ºF. It is imperative to heat or cool your food or drinks to your preferred temperature to ensure optimal cooling or heating of these products.

Cooler Design

The Knox electronic cooler is designed to provide utility in all manners. It has a pull-out handle that automatically locks itself. The pull-out feature in the handle saves on storage space. It is easily transformable to fit into space such as your car's trunk.

This handle design also helps in the portability of this electric gadget. With the help of the wheels at the bottom, you can easily glide it on the floor to your destination. The entire exterior material used in making the Knox electronic cooler is made of hard material to protect the valuables inside from being damaged or spilled while gliding it. Even with the hard exterior the weight of the cooler is only 16 pounds.

Value for your Money

As a conscious consumer, you need to be assertive of the value you gain for the amount of money you spend on a purchase. The value for your money can be gained by cost versus benefit

To be precise, the cost versus benefit analysis is a comparison between the cost of a product and the benefits accrued. It helps to identify whether a purchase is worthy or not.

Pros of using the Knox electronic cooler

Keep your food tasty

Every member of your family can enjoy a warm and tasty meal while traveling during the winter season. The temperature of your food is maintained and thus you can enjoy your scrumptious meal while still hot. The use of a Knox electronic cooler is not limited to camps and picnics but also long family trips. You can pack up meals for your family members to enjoy on the way.

Chills without ice

This cooler saves you the duress of carrying ice cubes for cooling purposes as was prevalent in the past. Ice cubes melt leaving a watery mess. You can enjoy your chilly food and drinks while on your family trip without extra inconveniences. Moreover, you can keep your vegetables fresh if you intend to consume cooked meals during your escapade. The use of the electronic cooler to maintain low temperatures is ideal during camps, visits to the beach, summer trips, etc.


The Knox electronic cooler has dual functions. It serves as both a heater and a refrigerator. This gadget consolidates both purposes hence offering more utility to you as a user. It makes it more
convenient to carry the food and drinks to different locations.


The entire make of the cooler is made to ensure that the safety of your food is maintained. Safety is two-way; from getting stale, and from external damage or spillage. This cooler has a rigid frame to safeguard the safety of whatever is carried inside it.


The exterior frame of the Knox electronic cooler is designed to be rigid. The material used in the interior is made from a strong material hence ensuring its durability.


Knox manufacturing company is very confident about the superior quality of the range of products it has to offer. Its electronic cooler is no exception. In consequence, you get to enjoy a one year guarantee in case any issues emanate.

The Knox electronic cooler is relatively pocket-friendly yet it offers noteworthy utilities to a user. It offers similar functionalities as the Yeti electric cooler except that the Yeti cooler can be controlled via a smartphone. However, the Yeti electric cooler is comparatively way more expensive. It is more than double the price of the Knox electric heater.

With all the benefits accrued from this cooler, the price of less than $150 for this product is worth it.

However, you need to be certain before you settle for it. It is better to get insight from people that have previously used the product. The majority of reviews made about the Knox electronic cooler give it praise as a piece of outstanding electric equipment. Most of the reviews from online platforms give it a five-star rating.

If you feel this is the ideal cooler for you, then make a purchase as soon as possible.