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Mammoth Cooler Reviews – Cheaper than Yeti

When it comes to the outdoors, having a reliable cooler makes all the difference. Mammoth Coolers are a popular option that claims to keep ice chilled up to 10 days. In this review, we'll take a closer look at the Mammoth Cooler's.

Mammoth Coolers History

Founded in 2015, Mammoth Coolers is a premium ice chest brand in Nashville. Disappointed with the quality available in the market a group of outdoors men started the company. They set out to create an insulated hard ice chest that could withstand tough conditions. Additionally they wanted to keep ice cool for an extended period.

The founders had a vision to make an insulated hard ice chest that was durable and affordable. They started by using the best materials and techniques to produce a high quality cooler. This rotomolded cooler could keep ice for days. They used rotational molding to create a seamless, one-piece design. This resulted in a rugged ice box able withstand any environment.

Mammoth Coolers gained a strong reputation among outdoor enthusiast. This came from being a reliable, high-performance hard ice chest. Mammoth became known for their durability, ice retention, and price. They have become popular among hunters, fishermen, and campers.

Today, Mammoth Coolers has a wide range of options, These include hard-sided and soft-sided coolers, backpack coolers, and accessories. The brand continues to innovate and improve its products to provide customers with the best rotomolded cooler.

Mammoth Cruiser Coolers Series

Mammoth Coolers Cruiser Serues 30 quart

Mammoth Cooler Cruiser 30 qt

Mammoth Coolers cruise series is great for camping, fishing, and boating. This insulated hard ice chest is designed to keep your food cold for several days. This makes it a great option for long trips. The cruise series comes in a variety of different sizes. These range from 15 quarts to 75 quarts, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs..

One of the standout features of Mammoth Coolers cruise series is durability. The construction is from rotomolded plastic and thick foam insulation. This makes them resistant to impact, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. They have sturdy, non-slip feet that prevent them from sliding on boats or in the back of trucks. These coolers come with built in cup holders on top.

Mammoth Cooler Cruiser 15 quart

Cruiser Cooler 15 qt

The cruiser series is known to be easy to use. The easy-grip handles make it easy to carry around. Rubber latches help keep the lid closed and the contents chilled. A built-in bottle opener makes it convenient to open bottles. They come in many color options, so you can choose the one that matches your style. Mammoth Coolers cruise series is an excellent investment for anyone who wants a high-quality hard ice chest. Mammoth Coolers can withstand tough outdoor conditions. With their durability and cooling power, they are sure to become your go to for all your adventures. As with many hard coolers, we'd like to see a wheeled cooler version from Mammoth.

Mammoth Ranger 125 quart cooler

Mammoth Ranger 125 quart Cooler

Mammoth Ranger 125 quart Cooler

The Mammoth Ranger 125 quart cooler is a high-capacity ice chest. It is designed for outdoor activities. These activities may include camping, hunting, and fishing. No Mammoth Cooler review would be complete without including it. The ranger features rotomolded construction with thick walls and a tight seal. These will ensure maximum ice retention for up to 10 days. The bear-resistant locking system makes it ideal for use in bear country.

This ice chest has large interior space that can accommodate up to 100 cans. This is equivalent to 68 bottles. It comes with a removable basket for easy organization. The lid of the ice chest has a built-in ruler and a fish measuring scale. This makes it a great choice for anglers.

The Mammoth Ranger 125 quart ice box has two large and durable wheels. These wheels make it easy to transport over any terrain. This is important for beach or lake trips. The ice chest has two sturdy handles for easy lifting and carrying.

Overall, customers have given the Mammoth Ranger 125 quart positive reviews. These reviews praise its size, durability, and ice retention. Some customers complained about the weight of the ice chest. Others have mentioned the difficulty of removing the drain plug.

The Mammoth Ranger 125 quart cooler is a great investment. Anyone looking for a tough cooler should consider it. Its sturdy construction, bear-resistant locking system, and other useful features make it a great choice.

Mammoth Voyager Soft Cooler Bag

Mammoth Voyager Cooler

Mammoth Coolers offer the Mammoth Voyager Soft Cooler Bag. It is high-quality and durable that is perfect for outdoor activities. We found it useful for picnics and camping trips. Here are some of the key features of this cooler bag:


 The Mammoth Voyager Soft Cooler Bag comes in three different sizes - 30 cans, 45 cans, and 65 cans. So, depending on your needs, you can choose the one that suits you best.


 The Voyager Soft Cooler bag is well insulated. It has a thick layer of closed-cell foam to keep your food and beverages cold for an extended period. Our ice retention test showed it can keep ice for up to 3 days, depending on the size and how well you pack it.


It has a sleek and modern design. It is waterproof and durable with the outer layer made of 840 denier nylon. The bag also has a zippered main compartment and two side pockets for extra storage.


 The good cooler bag is easy to carry with its adjustable shoulder strap and padded handles. The bag also has a convenient bottle opener attached to it.


The Mammoth Voyager Soft Cooler Bag is made with high-quality materials that are built to last, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Overall, the Mammoth Voyager Soft Cooler Bag is a great investment for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities and needs a reliable and good cooler bag. It's durable, easy to carry, and keeps your food and is a great insulated hard ice chest.

Mammoth Coolers Design and Build Quality

The Mammoth Cooler comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 15 quarts to 125 quarts. It is made of rotomolded polyethylene, which is known for its durability and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. The lid has a freezer-grade gasket to help seal in cold air and prevent leaks. IT also features heavy-duty rubber latches and handles for easy transport.

Mammoth Coolers Ice Retention and Performance

The Mammoth Cooler's ability to keep ice frozen for up to 10 days is its biggest selling point. In our tests, we found it did an excellent job of retaining cold temperatures. We were able to keep food and drinks chilled for several days, even in hot and humid weather. It also features a built-in pressure relief valve, which makes it easy to open the lid even when it's been sealed tight.

Mammoth Coolers Ice Chests Features

The Mammoth Cooler has several features that make it stand out from others on the market. For example, it has a non-slip feet to keep it from sliding around in the back of a truck or on a boat. It also has a built-in ruler on the lid, which is handy for measuring fish or other items. Additional features are listed below.

Airtight Seal

The lid creates an airtight seal, preventing warm air from entering and keeping the contents of cold for an extended period.

Bear Proof Design

Some Mammoth coolers are certified bear-proof, which means they have been tested to withstand a bear's attempt to open them.

Easy to carry

Mammoth coolers come with durable rope handles or molded-in handles that make it easy to carry even when fully loaded.

Mammoth Coolers Accessories

Divider/Cutting board: This accessory allows you to separate items in your cooler and also doubles as a cutting board.

Drink holders: These attach to the side to hold your drinks and free up space inside the cooler.

Tie-down kit: This accessory comes in handy when you need to secure your cooler to your truck bed or boat.

Basket: This is a great accessory to keep your food items elevated and dry.

Seat cushion: This accessory converts your cooler into a comfortable seat.

Bottle opener: This accessory comes in handy when you need to open your favorite beverage.

Lock kit: This accessory adds an extra layer of security and keeps your items safe.

Fishing rod holder: This accessory is perfect for the fishing enthusiast who wants to keep their rods safe and secure.

Dry storage tray: This accessory keeps your items dry and organized.

Wheel kit:  This accessory makes it easy to move your cooler around, especially when it's full and heavy.

Mammoth Coolers Warranty

Mammoth coolers come with a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service. The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and cannot be transferred. Mammoth may repair or replace the item at its discretion, and the customer will be responsible for shipping to the Mammoth facility for evaluation. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, accidents, or normal wear and tear. For more information, visit Mammoth's website or contact their customer service team.

Mammoth Coolers vs Yeti Coolers

Typically when comparing to Yeti the variable is price.  Mammoth coolers tend to be more expensive than Yeti.  Both brands offer amazing ice retention and performance.  Both brands offer similar sizes and colors.  Durability is where the differences begin.  Mammoth coolers are slightly more durable and portable than Yeti.  Mammoth lacks some of the soft cooler options. IF you can afford it and then a Mammoth coolers is a great option.

Mammoth Cooler Review Summary

Overall, Mammoth Coolers are a well-designed and high-performing cooler that is perfect for outdoor adventures. Its durability, ability to retain cold temperatures, and useful add ons make it a good choice for anyone who needs a reliable cooler for extended trips. While it may be more expensive than some other coolers, these ice chests are for those who want the best but don't want to pay for a Yeti Cooler.