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Nash Sub-Z Coolers Reviews

The Nash Story

The Nash Company is known worldwide for its summer friendly products. This manufacturer has more than fifty years of experience in creating the highest quality products. They have received many positive reviews from users in around the world. Nash coolers are well-known for their high performance and quality worldwide. In this review, we will discuss the high-end Nash coolers. These parameters will surprise you with the number of useful functions achieved in Nash Coolers.  Our Nash Sub-z Coolers reviews will help guide you to find the nest one for you needs.

In addition to world-famous business and functionality, you will be surprised at the cost. Nash Coolers are much cheaper than other relative choices can offer you. Many of our readers will relish the features that they are American-made cooler in Fort Worth, Texas. It also has a one-year warranty on all product defects. When comparing Yeti vs artic you will definitely want to consider Nash coolers as well.  There is no nash sub z cooler website.  This means there is noting at sub-z coolers.com.  Most purchases are made on Amazon.  Unfortunately most everyone is out of Nash sub z coolers.

Sub-Z Cooler versus Yeti 

What's the difference between Sub Z coolers and  Yeti coolers?  You can get the same size Sub Z Cooler for $125 whereas the Yeti equivalent will cost around $259.  Don't be a slave to the name brand.  Sub Z Coolers are a great alternative to Yeti.  They also come with many of the same features, such as an arctic dome lid gasket and industry leading tight seal.

Sub-Z Cooler Review

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48 Quart Cooler

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24 quart Cooler

Cooler Characteristics and Features

This line of coolers is ideal for people who live an outdoor lifestyle. Those who can't imagine their life without kayaking, boating, or camping are a perfect fit. The main goal was to create a functional cooler with high-class functions.  These coolers are built for maximum durability and are great options for overnight camping excursions.  This cooler weights 24.5 pounds and can hold rough 40 cans and 12lbs of ice.

Artic Dome Technology

Everything in this heavy duty cooler line uses rotational molding technology. So, it boasts incredibly high strength and performance. A unique feature that sets these coolers apart from the crowd is lid routing. This is thanks to the exclusive Artic Dome technology.

Double Locking Lid

A lid gasket gives an amazingly high level of sealing. The lid gasket seal provides a freezer-style vacuum seal.  This double locking lid does not let hot air into the cooler. This keeps its contents in the cold for a longer period. Also, like YETI, this cooler cover adds two heavy duty rubber T-tapes. The T-tapes tightly locks and seals the lid. Further, the bottom comes standard with integrated, rubberized feet for non-slip traction.

Stainless Steel handle

A Smaller cooler from this line has a padded stainless steel handle for easy transport. This handle can rotate forward, backwards and lock into upright position.  They also have non-slip feet so that the cooler does not slip even on a wet deck. Besides, there are several color options. You can choose subtle colors, including tan, white, and blue, or bolder colors such as orange and lime green. A modern accessory, the padded seat back, offers even more customization options.

Lastly, a quick flow drain plug is included. this allows for leakproof and fast draining.


Larger coolers also includes features such as cutting/dividers boards, baskets and wheels. Some coolers even include a soft seat cushion.  You can see this seat to the left.  It is surprisingly comfortable and durable.  You can even get the padded camo seat cushion.  Larger coolers have built-in handles in addition to finger-protected rope handles. It protects you no matter what weight you carry. A pull-out handle allows you to pull the cooler forward rather than carry it.

Ice Retention Times

Bottom line, Sub Z coolers keeps your drinks cold.  If you are strict about performance, you indeed won't notice the big contrast between Sub Z and Yeti Roadie. It is mainly in terms of ice retention and everyday functionality. Yeti and Pelican coolers are more well know, but this cooler can keep ice cold for an extended time as well. A smaller sub Z line option can hold ice inside for up to six days. So, it can hold up to twenty iceboxes. More significant ice retention times can be up to five days.

These coolers can hold up to sixty-five cans along with ten kg of ice. Lid Temperatures of these coolers are equal to the 132°. The rotating molded PE shell, with double walls and 1.5-inch insulating foam construction, ensure stable long-term operation under all conditions.  All this combined together means it keeps your contents cold for a long time.

Cooler Weight

One of the main things that people like about this cooler is their weight. They are much lighter than YETI and other brands. Besides, all Nash coolers have a unique V-shaped drainage channel. So, it helps ensure that the melting ice is directed down and away from drinks and food. The oversized drain plug allows you to drain ice efficiently and quickly.

 Colors Options

Traditionally this cooler only came on one color: tan. Over time they have included a blue color and more recently added a granite options.

Size Options

The largest options is a 48 quart cooler.   The smaller options is a 28 quart cooler.  This can be found in tan, green, orange, slate and white.  This size capable of holding up to 24 cans and 8 lbs of ice.

Price Comparison with Yeti, Engel and Pelican

The price tag of this cooler line is much lower than the Yeti or Pelican. It is because you do not need to pay extra for the brand name. For many, the purchase of American-made goods is important. In This regard only Pelican and Engel are primarily the Nash competitors. Yet, both of them are much more costly and do not offer many designs or performance advantages.

What initially attracted us was its fantastic price. The normal price is $149.99. However, these items sell for nearly $130 with the padded seat and $125 without the seat on Amazon. This is almost half the price of the Yeti Roadie. This means you can get two Nash coolers for the price of one yeti. Likewise, you can save more than $100 and still get a good seat.

Thus, Nash offers significant savings compared to the Yeti or other top brands. Moreover, it will be the cheapest roto-molded cooler you get on the Internet. Well, there is a Wal-Mart Ozark 26-Quart cooler with an MSRP of $96. However, in most cases, it is not available. Thus, Sub Z wins against Yeti Roadie or other top brands when it comes to cost.

Nash Sub Z Warranty

This is where Yeti outperforms the Nash Sub Z Cooler.  While Yet comes with a 5 year warranty, the Sub Z only has a one year warranty.  This still lands them in the middle of their competitors warranties as many other are only 6 months limited warranties.

Nash Sub Z Cooler Alternative

Yeti Roadie 24

Yeti roadie 24

The Yeti Roadie 24 is a durable and portable cooler designed for outdoor activities and road trips. Its exterior features rotomolded construction, extra-thick walls, and a freezer-grade gasket to keep ice and contents cold for extended periods. It has a 24-can capacity and can hold up to 18 pounds of ice. The cooler also comes with a bearfoot non-slip feet, Vortex drain system, and a doublehaul handle for easy transportation.

The Roadie 24 is an upgrade to the original Roadie 20 and is slightly bigger and lighter than its predecessor. The dimensions of the Roadie 24 are 16 1/2" × 14 1/2" × 17 1/2" (L×W×H) and it weighs 12.8 lbs.

Overall, the Yeti Roadie 24 is a reliable and high-quality cooler that is suitable for various outdoor adventures.

 Overall Verdict

To wrap up, these Nash Products deserve your attention. It is because of their relatively low price, the right length of the ice retention period, and the quality make of the product. The durable outdoor seat created using the unified seat gives superior cooling execution meant for outdoor fanatics. The lightweight designs make it easy to use this high-performance product on any open-air adventure.  Throw in the artic dome lid gasket and it's great ice retention and it just can't be ignored.