Ozark Cooler

Who makes Ozark Coolers?

The Ozark brand was started by Wal-Mart. They are the ones that make the coolers to this day.  Walmart exclusively sold them until 2017. Since then, Ozark Coolers are also available on Amazon and hence, the speculation around ownership and company background.  We hope you find our Ozark Cooler Reviews helpful!

What are the different Types of Ozark Coolers?

There is one main line of Ozark coolers and they are called the Ozark trail Coolers.  Most of these are soft sided coolers but there are a few hard sided coolers and even one cooler with wheels. These Ozark Trail coolers range in size from a 12 can soft sided cooler all the up to a 52 quart high performance Ozark Trail Cooler.

Are Ozark Trail Coolers any good?

Ozark coolers are a great and inexpensive alternative to other brand such as Yeti and Coleman.  If you are looking for a product for camping, beach trips or picnics a Yeti maybe overkill.  If you need a product to keep things cold for more than a day or so then the more expensive brands maybe worth it.

Do Ozark Coolers have a website?

Ozark Trail does not have their own website.  They do have a section under Walmart's existing site.  They also do not have their own dedicated support number.  You have to call Walmart support directly.

Types of Ozark Trail Coolers

Ozark Trail 6 can cooler
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Ozark Trail 45 Quart Cooler
ozark wheeled cooler
Ozark Trail 12 can cooler
ozark trail 12 can cooler

Dimensions: 9.4 x 7 x 7.2

Dimensions: 27 x 17.6 x 17.3

Dimensions: 30 x 18.5 x 18.5

These are only a few of the Ozark Trail Coolers/  to see a complete list head over to Walmart's website.  There are a number of backpack coolers we were impressed with especially considering the price.

Ozark Trail Coolers vs Yeti Coolers

Yeti coolers are one of the best and most popular coolers on the planet.  Unfortunately they are also the most expensive. An Ozark Trail Cooler offers comparable performance for ice retention and other key features at a much lower price point.  Unless you are a hard core camper a trail cooler is a great option.

Ozark Trailer Coolers

Ozark Trail 24-Can Camping and Outdoor Cooler


This Ozark  trail cooler is ideal for traveling outdoors, especially while on the go. It is spacious enough to accommodate 24 cans. A separate bottle opener attachment is provided. An EVA compression molded base lends strength to the cooler. Additionally, its Neoprene-padded removable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry around.

At a $46, this soft sided option hits the sweet spot. Its array of features which are otherwise available only on pricier high-end brands like Yeti.

Ozark Trail 52-Quart High-Performance Cooler


Heavy in weight, heavier on performance is the tagline for this one. Ice can easily last in it for DAYS without melting. Capacity-wise, we are looking at space for as many as 80 to possibly 100 cans! The dual cap drain plug is conveniently sized such that a garden hose can easily fit on to it.

An additional, well-appreciated feature on this ice box is the inclusion of a wire basket inside. Many higher end brands do not offer this (you have to buy it separately). The lid closes tightly quite comfortably, ensuring apt coolness for a long duration.

ozark wire basket

Overall, as compared to a Yeti cooler of the same size, this offers brilliant value. It comes with similar features at about a third the price!

Ozark Trail Backpack Cooler

Ozark backpack cooler

This is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who are frequently on the move. It can hold up to 15 lbs. of ice, and altogether, as many as 20 cans can snugly fit into it. The front pocket accessory is a welcome addition to store small items of your choice. There is also a compression strap you can use to lug things with you.

Further, the dual bottle openers on the backpack are a cool feature as are two separate daisy-chain attachments which you can use to clip and carry things with you while on the move.

At under $50 – with FREE shipping, the ozark trail backpack cooler definitely offers amazing value. Brands like Yeti cannot compete in this price range.

Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler

Ozark Trail Cooler

The 26 Quart option is built solidly and available in a wide range of colors: blue, white, and gray. It's is perfect for long outings where you need your ice to remain chilled for long. Moreover, at 26-quart, this is spacious enough to accommodate enough cans or other items you wish to carry.

On the flip side, you are likely to find it a tad heavy. Once you put stuff inside, it will be that much harder to lug it around. Also, the absence of a drain hole implies you have to turn it over to remove melted water/anything else, which can be quite cumbersome.

 Yet, when we take all aspects into consideration, especially the price point, it clearly offers excellent value for money. When we compare with similar offerings from Yeti, for example, this is definitely an outstanding option with a far more affordable price tag

Ozark Trail 73-Quart High-Performance Cooler

Ozark 73 qt

Ruggedly built, this is the ultimate powerhouse trail cooler that you need for longish trips with ample items in tow to keep cool. Storage space wise, we are talking at least 30+ beer cans. As far as chilling capacity goes, it can retain ice for even up to a week without letting it melt.

This version comes with convenient drain plug options. This lets you drain melted ice away quite comfortably. Otherwise, given the weight of the cooler (at 35 lbs. it is rather heavy even when empty); flipping it over for draining would be quite a task.

Overall though, this is a great feature-rich ice chest that comes at a particularly attractive price. Especially when we compare with similar products from Yeti which are priced much higher. The primary aspect to consider is that even while paying much less, you are not compromising on any front.

Ozark Trail 30 Can Leak-Tight Cooler


This cooler is available in an attractive gray color. There’s thick EPE foam insulation. This foam layer ensures that things remain cool inside it for long. Moreover, the body of the cooler is entirely heat welded. Ensuring that contents remain insulated is the reason for the welding.

The bottle opener in front and the front pocket are nice touches. In terms of capacity, we are looking at a minimum of 30 cans that can fit with 22 lbs. of ice carrying capacity.

The cooler is easy to carry around, thanks to both hand and neoprene shoulder straps. Additionally, the cooler comes with a hi-quality zipper lubricant included in the pack. This can be used to ensure its heavy-duty zipper functions seamlessly.

On the whole, this is clearly a value-for-money cooler that has few comparable alternatives in the market, especially at this price point.

Ozark Trail 6 Can Cooler with Expandable Top


An ideal lunchbox, this one comes with a convenient removable hardliner. The 3 inch top is expandable which makes it easy for additional dry items to be stored. It comes in an attractive blue color base with a black color top along with two-tone gray. An adjustable strap makes the trail coolerparticularly convenient to carry.

On the whole, this is again a quality product with an attractive eye-catching design and a unique persona of its own. Moreover, it is clearly priced quite affordably which does not warrant too much thought, prior to its purchase.

In this article, we have reviewed a series of different Ozark Trail coolers. The central point that stands out in case of all of them is their immense value for money. When we compare with high-end brands like Yeti, we do not find a huge difference in quality. Yet we DO find quite a substantial difference in price.

Therefore, taking all aspects into consideration, we definitely recommend the Ozark Trail range of products, across models as showcased in this review article.