Siberian Coolers

Are Siberian coolers worth trying? This is the question you have in your mind right now. With all the choices out there, it's hard to know which products have the highest quality for the best price.

Since coming into the market in 2015, Siberian coolers have turned up the heat on the competition. What are the different qualities, specs, and add-ons that keep them going? You’re just about to know.

In this short guide, we shall have an intent to look at these coolers, and you will judge by yourself if they can serve you

Cooler Types

Siberian Aplpha 22 quart
Siberian Alpha 65 Quart
Siberian Outback 125 Quart

Where are Siberian coolers made?

As the name hints, Siberian Coolers are produced in the mountainous sides of Bozeman Montana. The idea comes with the fact that everybody should possess a high-quality cooler.

As an outdoor fanatic, you need a cooler that resonates with all the adventure of the wild. Whether it’s fly-fishing or hunting in the countryside, the cooler is ready for extended use.

The manufacturer took their time to check the brands already in the market, picking
up the strong points and working on the downsides. What result is a standard cooler construction that has been unprecedented?

What is a roto molded cooler?

Roto molded coolers are basically coolers with a harder outer shell.  Compared to a soft sided cooler which has a canvas shell.  The thick outer shell ensures longer ice retention and keeps all contents colder for longer.  These coolers are typically heavier and a bit more expensive.  The SIberian line of roto molded coolers come at a reasonable price.

Different Options of Siberian Coolers

The company produces different series of coolers for different customer preferences. A few that have shown great interest by the masses include;

Siberian Cooler 22 Quart Alpha Pro Series in Granite Color 

The Alpha Pro Series is one of the cheapest coolers from the company. And the features you get in return echoes with the cost.

First of all, it is manufactured with heavy and durable aluminum for prolonged performance. The Alpha Cam Latch System sits flush to the body face allowing the cooler to be tightly packed with other gear and to keep fly lines free. The alpha pro series coolers also come with a lifetime warranty.

Siberian Alpha Pro Series, 85 Quart in Granite Bear Resistant, Includes Accessories

Siberian Cooler

The first thing to notice about this Alpha Series cooler is the compact size up to 7.5” for extra insulation. The ice retention for this cooler is up to 7 days. When combined with the body material, the cooler is more durable. You bet that you will fall in love with the sleek and streamlined design. This Alpha series cooler is also known to be bear resistant. We don't suggest testing this theory.

All Alpha Series coolers also come with an easy to remove drain plug. This is extremely helpful when you have melted ice to pour out.

125 Quart Outback Series

Outback Series

The Outback Series is another great line of coolers to choose from.  This series of coolers are built for harsher environments with a more rugged exterior.  They have thicker walls ans metal latches.

Performance versus Price

As a smart shopper, you just don’t buy things blindly. Come on! You want to get the best ice chest for money.

is the good news, with Siberia ice coolers, you will save some right amount of
cash. And this does not mean you will pay for a crappy cooler that won’t serve
you better.

The price varies on capacity and a few intricate features. The more you get, the more dollars you’d have to cough out. The cheapest Siberian cooler series go for around $119, which is reasonable from this point of view.

there are numerous features to the counter price. For instance, all the coolers
have handles with straps made of nylon. This is to ensure you have a secure
grip when carrying it. The smallest versions have side handles for extra

You know that when you are in the wild, your food is not yours alone. You may have some visitors around that might try to steal it. This will not happen under Siberian cooler’s watch. The tight lid is easy to lock and will keep away even the smallest animals like raccoons.

Where the coolers have the edge over others in the competition is in the accessories. For instance, if you buy the more substantial sized coolers, you get a wire basket that you can store extra tools like first AID kits.

Besides, the coolers have a security lock bracket for extra safety for your items. Did I mention that the cooler has a cup holder for your beer or soda?

What Makes Them a Good Purchase?

It’s not only the intricate features that make Siberian Ice coolers one of the best brands in the market. Probably the main reason why you are looking for a cooler is that you need something that can keep your foodstuff fresh for the longest time possible.

Why you should consider a Siberia ice cooler? For one thing, ice retention can last up to 8 days. If you keenly check Amazon reviews from past buyers, you will notice that they are upholding the cooler because of this feature.

However, this does not just happen. One of the features is the freezer-style lid gasket. It provides a secure seal to prevent the cold air from escaping and warm air from entering. It also has stands so that the ice won’t melt when you put it on a warm ground. Apart from this, if you put pricing into consideration, Siberian Ice cooler is just on another level.

Is the Yeti worth it?

The only intense competition that a Siberian cooler faces when it comes to the outdoors cooler category is Yeti coolers. Unfortunately, Yeti is unmatched, but Siberian is trying to keep at par with the competitions.

Yeti coolers have stayed on the market for a long time, and this is the reason they
are always on top. They have rid their competitive advantage that might take
their counterparts quite sometime before they catch up.

Most of the features for the two coolers are the same when you put design and functionality in context. For instance, both have rotomolded construction. Plus, all of them can keep your food cold for over a week, which is the threshold for all brands. Also, they are durable, and not even an animal can leave a scratch on the body.

The only advantage Yeti outplays Siberians cooler is that the latter has a limited range of sizes. If you need something mega to accommodate your large family, you will have to look for a Yeti cooler.


When you are planning to have an escapade in the countryside for a few days, you need not think twice about looking for ice cooler. While there are many in the market, you might get confused by which one to choose. Hopefully this article has shown you that Siberian Coolers offer a high quality option at a good price.