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Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler Review

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Overview





With all the nice features added to this very handy deep freeze cooler from the Arctic Zone, you will want for nothing. It is the ideal piece of gear you should have for a day on the court or out on the water on your fishing expedition.

We will take a look at this popular high performance cooler box to see why it is the go-to cooler for so many people out there. We will take a closer look at all the nice features and how to use it to make any outdoor trip much more convenient for yourself.

Keep reading to know how to make the most of the Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze.

Arctic zone titan deep freeze cooler bag

cooler bag


2 lbs


5 gallons


15 x 10 x 13








11 X 8 X 17

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler Review

This deep freeze from the Arctic Zone comes with a lot of protection added to make it quite safe to use wherever you go. It also has enough insulation to keep your items cold for long enough to enjoy your trip worry-free.

Arctic Zone has been known for its reliable and good-quality cooler boxes for many years; this one is no exception. You have all the features included with it to make it ideal for shorter and longer outdoor rips.

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler

Who is The Titan Deep Freeze For?

Anyone who needs a device to keep their beverages and food at the best and safest temperatures can use this deep freeze. It will come in handy for a long fishing trip on the water to keep you fed and hydrated while you're out there.

This is ideal for athletes who want to spend the day on the court and need to have everything close at hand. Sports lovers who love to spend the day on the field with their favorite teams or any sports event can use it.

Any camping trip or picnic expedition will be much better with this easy-rolling mobile deep freeze at your disposal.

What's Included in the Titan Deep Freeze?

Included in the box, you will find this hand cooler box folded up but easy to assemble and set up. You also get a foldable, removable cart with a limited lifetime warranty for any defects included in the package.

A user's manual with clear and easy-to-follow instructions is also included so you can learn how to use it.




2 lbs


6.9 lbs


10 x 5 x 9 

arctic zone deep freeze 24 can cooler bag

arctic zone 24 can


3 lbs


5 gallons


15 x 10 x 13

.Overview of Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Features

With the easy-access lid, you don't need to open the box whenever you need to take something out of the deep freeze. This will help to keep the contents and the interior colder for much longer so it can stay cold all day.

The contents of the cooler box will stay cold for as long as up to three days without problems, which makes it the ideal portable deep freeze to take with you on long outdoor camping and picnic trips.

The lining provides a great interior radiant barrier to keep the heat outside and is leakproof to prevent a mess. You also have a nice insulated front exterior pocket to add some extras, and the padded handles and shoulder strap make it easy to carry.

The high maximum load capacity makes it easy to carry your items. Furthermore, the cart has strong and durable all-terrain wheels to make it easy to maneuver over uneven terrain.

What would have been a handy addition is a nice strong insulated board you can put in the bottom of the box. But this one does not come with one, so you need to add one at an extra cost.

The foldable action causes fluids to flow into the crinkles, making it difficult to clean out and dry quickly. You will also find that the telescopic handle will not lock in place when fully extended, which may be a problem for some.

Short Features List:

  • Easy-access lid for quick and easy access
  • keeps contents cold inside for up to 3 days
  • The interior lining is leakproof
  • An integrated radiant heat barrier was added inside to keep the heat out
  • Padded handles and shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Large storage capacity and high maximum load capacity
  • Strong all-terrain wheels added to the foldable cart

How To Use the Titan Deep Freeze

Using this deep freeze from the Arctic zone is not difficult and comes with proper instructions in the user's manual.

  • When you first receive it, you must unpack the cooler and cart from the box.
  • Attach the cooler to the cart for a quick and easy relocation option.
  • Add some ice or cooler packs in the deep freeze, and add your cans of beverages and food.
  • You will find that there are lots of extra space added to the side and the front for smaller pieces of food.
  • You can keep the cart and cooler separate or together; they can both fold up for easy storage options.

For the full instructions to see how this deep freezer works, watch the following Youtube video, or for the full specs see this.

Arctic Zone Pros

  • You have quick and easy access to the box
  • Will stay cold for a long time
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • A lot of storage space is available
  • Easy to assemble and use

Deep Freeze Cons

  • There is no insulated board at the bottom of the cooler
  • It may take some time to dry out after use
  • The telescopic handle does not lock when extended all the way
  • no should straps

Artcic Zone Titan Deep Freeze 24 can cooler bag

arctic zone deep freeze cooler bag

The Arctic Zone 24 Can cooler bag is a fantastic choice for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient solution to keep their beverages and snacks cool on outdoor adventures. Its sleek and compact design, coupled with the durable outer material, ensures that it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use. The high-density thermal insulation employed in this cooler bag is truly impressive, as it effectively maintains the internal temperature and prevents ice from melting quickly. Whether you're going on a picnic, camping trip, or spending a day at the beach, this cooler bag will keep your items cold for an extended period.

With a capacity to hold up to 24 standard-sized beverage cans, the Arctic Zone 24 Can provides ample storage space for your drinks and food. The spacious main compartment allows for the inclusion of food containers or other essentials, while the additional pockets and compartments keep utensils and napkins organized. The bag's portability is another highlight, featuring a padded shoulder strap and sturdy carry handles for easy transportation. Cleaning is a breeze with its removable, leak-proof liner, and the exterior zippered pocket provides quick access to smaller items. Overall, the Arctic Zone 24 Can cooler bag excels in performance, capacity, and convenience, making it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize keeping their refreshments cool and fresh.

Titan Deep Freeze Conclusion

You will find that this is a nice addition for those people who love to spend time outdoors but need their beverages close at hand. The many great features added make the Arctic Zone deep Freeze an ideal traveling companion on all types of trips.